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Warren Chang "Narrative Paintings" Book Interview

Flesk Publications publisher, John Fleskes, interviews Warren Chang regarding his new book, Warren Chang: Narrative Paintings. Read it here.

Craig Elliott Interview Discussing “The Art of Craig Elliott”

Flesk Publications publisher, John Fleskes, interviews Craig Elliott about his new book, The Art of Craig Elliott. Read it here.

Mark Schultz Interview at Comics Bulletin!

Jason Sacks interviews Mark Schultz at Comics Bulletin. Read it here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Writer and Artist Mark Schultz, Answered by Mark Schultz!

Flesk Publications publisher, John Fleskes, asks Mark Schultz his most common questions asked by fans. Read it here.

Mark Schultz Interview with Mr. Media. Watch The Two Part Video!

Mr. Media, Bob Andelman, has interviewed Mark Schultz regarding his latest projects, Xenozoic and Various Drawings Volume Five, as well as what he is working on now, and planning for the future. Mark also shows off a few recent pieces and talks about tools of the trade. To watch the two-part video, click here to visit the interview page on Mr. Media.

Flesk Publisher John Fleskes Interview at Comics Bulletin by Jason Sacks!

Jason Sacks at Comics Bulletin has interviewed Flesk publisher John Fleskes regarding his working relationship with William Stout and the process that goes into making a Flesk art book. You can read it at the Comics Bulletin website here.

John Fleskes Interview Regarding Al Williamson Archives Volume 1.

Alex Deuben of Comic Book Resources has conducted an interview with John Fleskes regarding Al Williamson Archives. Read it here.

Interview with Petar Meseldžija!

Interview with Petar Meseldžija as he discusses his upcoming book, The Legend of Steel Bashaw (coming fall 2010 from Flesk), his painting techniques and about himself! Read it here.

Mark Schultz “The Stuff of Life” Interview

John Fleskes interviews Mark Schultz about his new book, The Stuff of Life: A Graphic Guide to Genetics and DNA published by Hill and Wang. The 150-page book is written by Schultz, and illustrated in a graphic novel format by Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon. It is available at $14.95 in mid-January. Read it here.

Previews November 2008 Issue Features an Interview with Gary Gianni!


The November 2008 issue of Previews features an interview with Gary Gianni as he talks about his adaptation of Jules Verne’s Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. The interview is on the back (flip-side) of the catalog.





Gary Gianni Interviewed About Illustrating Michael Chabon’s Gentlemen of the Road!


Gary Gianni shares his experiences in illustrating Michael Chabon’s latest book, Gentlemen of the Road. Read it here.




John Fleskes Interview

Bill Baker interviews John Fleskes for World Famous Comics web site. Read it here.

Mark Schultz Interview 2006


An all new interview with Mark Schultz, as he shares his thoughts on his new collection Various Drawings Volume Two. Read it here.




Mark Schultz Interview 2005


Mark Schultz responds to questions about his new book, Various Drawings Volume One, Xenozoic Tales, and his artistic style. Read it here.