Petar Meseldzija Combo Pack (Discounted)

Brand: Petar Meseldžija
Product Code: 978-1-933865-30-0
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This combo pack of slightly scuffed books, comes with two vivid Petar Meseldzija titles:

The Legend of Steel Bashaw Paperback
Flesk Blank Sketchbook - Petar Meseldzija Cover

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Our discounted books are those that have minor bumps, or scratches on the front or back cover, or small dings to the corners. All are great reading copies with some exterior wear. We called these our "bumped books" or "loved books" since they are perfect for those who are looking to score a batch of Flesk titles for 50-80% off the cover price to enjoy. If you are looking for perfect "new" copies please see the individual listings for the titles elsewhere on this website. Thank you!