Mark Schultz: Various Drawings Vol.2 -- SOLD OUT

Mark Schultz: Various Drawings Vol.2 -- SOLD OUT

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In this second volume of the ongoing Various Drawings series, Mark Schultz gives us a dynamic new collection of illustrations. Examples feature Schultz’s work for illustration, comics, private commissions, and stunning new works created especially for this book. Schultz takes you through the stages of the drawing process, from concept to finish. Several mediums are explored. Pencil, brush and ink, and Wolff pencil are employed to delineate his subjects. Showcased with over 50 drawings, the majority of the book features his most recent works.

Schultz’s world of Xenozoic Tales is represented with specialty drawings. New concepts for future Xenozoic Tales covers and stories are included as well. A gatefold features an incredible private commission of a thirties-style Sunday newspaper strip. Each piece of artwork has been selected by Schultz for inclusion in this book. In addition, all stages of production have been overseen and approved by Schultz.

The hardbound edition is limited to 1000 copies. Exclusive to this edition is a bound in plate reproducing an unpublished piece done in Wolff pencil. Each copy is numbered and signed.

The fluidity and grace of Mark Schultz’s brush and pencil work has brought him increasing recognition over the last twenty years. Schultz’s initial acclaim was achieved through his award winning Xenozoic Tales creation, running 14 issues over the course of ten years. Schultz’s evolution as an artist with each succeeding issue has been phenomenal. This collection represents comics at it’s best; an engaging and dynamic story, visually expressed through Mark’s beautiful linework. Acknowledging his early influences, most notably Wallace Wood and Al Williamson, Schultz took inspiring elements of their work, creatively weaving them into a personal and distinctive style. In quick order, he went from a new budding artist, emulating the great masters, to a mature and established illustrator.

In addition to his own works, Mark has scripted or illustrated many popular 20th century icons, including Superman, Aliens, Flash Gordon, Tarzan, and the characters of Robert E. Howard.

Today, Schultz is illustrating comic covers, and working on private commissions. He is the current writer for the Prince Valiant Sunday newspaper strip for King Features Syndicate. He is also producing new content for upcoming volumes of the Various Drawings series. In addition, Schultz is working on his new book, Storms at Sea, as both writer and illustrator. Check back for more details.

Introduction by Gary Gianni
Number of Images Over 50 drawings
Pages 48
Size 8.5”x 11”